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The Power Woman of Protection

Danielle Warner is a disruptor driven to make an impact on a global scale by breaking the status-quo in a stale industry. She brings a promise of something bigger to the employee benefits space by creating a culture of trust designed to attract, engage and retain the talent that will take your business and brand global.

Danielle is the founder of Expat Insurance,  and believes in creating partnerships which provide true and realized value for companies and their people.

In August 2016, Expat Insurance won the 2016 Broker of the Year award at the Asian Banking and Finance Magazine awards.

Pursuing her passion, Danielle recently published her first book, BULLETPROOF: Building Better Employee Benefits, which provides HR leaders and decision-makers insights on The Benefits Blueprint, a 5-step process to help you successfully structure, launch and integrate an engaging employee benefits solution.



Throw away the old playbook. In this dynamic new employment landscape, companies and employees alike value mobility. And taking care of a diverse and globally mobile workforce is not a game. It is critical for employers to be strategic about their benefits spend while embracing their responsibility to deliver on the promise of protection.


There is no one-size-fits-all solution.


Developing a health insurance benefits programme for this new generation employee that also delivers value for your organisation requires a radical change in traditional practices. Bulletproof: Building Better Employee Benefits gives you a blueprint and energizes you into action.  


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“Working with Danielle on a range of challenging insurance issues in 2016 has been a breath of fresh air. To find someone with her level of commitment to finding client solutions, and engaging with them on such a personal level to achieve an outcome, is not only different but very rewarding.


Danielle’s professionalism and drive is a rarity in today’s environment and I look forward to being able to continue benefiting from her sound advice in the future.

Munich Re Syndicate Singapore Pte Ltd

Having started my own business recently, I have found Danielle extremely helpful, always available and carefully diligent in her sound counsel and advice.


She has gone above and beyond in working with her team to provide exceptionally solid, competent and cost effective insurance solutions across a variety of product needs.

Clear Bridge Asia Capital Pte Ltd

“I have known Danielle Warner personally and professionally for many years. She has that intangible ‘it’ factor that only natural born leaders possess. Her numerous personal and professional achievements are impressive and inspiring as is the contagious charisma that she brings to any situation.


She empowers those around her to be better, dream bigger and achieve more. I believe the future belongs to those who build. Danielle is a rising star and someone to watch.

Expat Dental

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