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Ahoy HR Leaders, Set Sail in a New Direction in 2017!

Recently I was asked what my top advice is for savvy business folk in 2017?

My answer was simple: focus on your people to build a culture of trust and security.

That’s right. In 2017, organisations should be working to build stronger cultures of trust and security. In today’s competitive job market, we know that employers are working harder at not just retaining employees, but also attracting new talent. With company loyalty at an all-time low, building strong cultures of trust through value-added benefit programmes shows your employees that you not just care about them, but you want the very best for them in all areas of their lives. Subsequently, they feel appreciated, are inherently more loyal to the company, and are less likely to move-on as the grass will be greener on their side of the fence.

The purpose of employee benefits is to increase the economic security of staff members, and in doing so, make them feel as though they belong to a company who genuinely cares for their wellbeing. By defining this basic principal of security, we also remind ourselves of the benefits for the employer: increased retention, positive impact when attracting talent and a foundation for a strong corporate culture of caring for your people.

You’re not a mind reader

Oftentimes, we’ve seen employers take the lead in designing new Employee Benefit programmes without asking their teams what value-added benefits they’d actually like to have. Keep in mind that communicating with your team and listening to their needs will allow you to design relevant policies and programmes.

Why Expat Insurance

Without sounding like another business pitch, at Expat Insurance we do things differently. We understand the pain of trying to use a one-size-fits all solution for companies looking after dynamic employee populations. Our clients need to look after the people who are travelling the world building their business and their brand as well as the people based locally in country. Our team design and build creative solutions which help these employers get strategic about their benefit spend. We maximize your coverage and manage costs.

Find out more about Expat Insurance Employee Benefit Programmes by clicking here.

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