How To Put Together An Employee Medical Benefits Package For Expat Staff

As a human resource officer or the manager of a small business, you will at one point or another face the prospect of putting together an employee benefits package for your staff. Employee Benefits (EB) refers to compensation other than salary provided by an employer. Examples include group insurance (medical, life, and travel), income protection, annual leave days, tuition reimbursements, and pensions. Perhaps the most complicated benefit to determine adequate coverage for is medical insurance. In Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower requires employers to provide a minimum level of medical cover to every employee. However, in today’s competitive labour market, the attraction and retention of

Reduce Staff Turnover By Identifying The Signs

A study by researchers of the Utah State University have found that there are 3 extremely connected behaviours that best represent when an employee is looking to quit in the following 12 months. The study interviewed 100 managers and 100 employees about changes in the behaviour of people who quit that could have revealed they were on their way out. The survey resulted in more than 900 pre-quitting behaviours, which the researchers condensed into a list of 116 by grouping similar ones together. The pre-quitting behaviours are: Their work productivity has decreased more than usual. They have acted less like a team player than usual. They have been doing the minimum amount of work more frequen

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