Press Release - Bulletproof: Building Better Employee Benefits

Throw away the old playbook. In this dynamic new employment landscape, companies and employees alike value mobility. And taking care of a diverse and globally mobile workforce is not a game. It is critical for employers to be strategic about their benefits spend while embracing their responsibility to deliver on the promise of protection. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Developing a health insurance benefits programme for this new generation employee that also delivers value for your organisation requires a radical change in traditional practices. Bulletproof: Building Better Employee Benefits gives you a blueprint and energizes you into action. In this book, HR leaders and b

LIV: Heart to Heart with Danielle Warner

Verne Maree visits the enigmatic entrepreneur at her family home in the Meyer Road area, determined to uncover the woman behind the business success story. Read the full article here

Introducing Danielle Warner Founder Expat Insurance

The Power Woman of Protection Danielle Warner is a disruptor driven to make an impact on a wider scale by breaking the status-quo in the insurance industry. Insurance is in her blood and she has spent all her working life in the industry. She believes in creating partnerships which provide true and realized value for companies and their people. Danielle brings a promise of something bigger to the employee benefits space by creating a culture of trust designed to attract, engage and retain the talent that will take your business and brand global. Read the featured article here

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