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Press Release - Bulletproof: Building Better Employee Benefits

Throw away the old playbook. In this dynamic new employment landscape, companies and employees alike value mobility. And taking care of a diverse and globally mobile workforce is not a game. It is critical for employers to be strategic about their benefits spend while embracing their responsibility to deliver on the promise of protection. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Developing a health insurance benefits programme for this new generation employee that also delivers value for your organisation requires a radical change in traditional practices. Bulletproof: Building Better Employee Benefits gives you a blueprint and energizes you into action. In this book, HR leaders and benefit decision-makers will learn: • A five step blueprint to build an employee benefits programme in the new corporate landscape. • Insider information, tips, stories and advice to illustrate how you avoid costly mistakes. • How to gain competitive advantage by looking from the inside out.

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