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Talent Attraction Today: A Courtship Between Employer And Employee

The balance of power in the employment landscape has changed forever. Talent attraction has become a courtship and we have entered a new age where employees view their relationship with their employer as a partnership.

To gain an edge in today’s competitive market, employers need to respond differently to talent retention practices or risk entering a tailspin of trouble. Employers need to create an offering that can not only empower your brand, but also offer a powerful promise to the people that are helping you grow your business.

Tell me how?

The shift is really about people and partnerships. Companies on a global scale, big and small, are being invited into a deeper experience of the give and get relationship of employment, as employees are demanding employers who are transparent, accountable, and most of all, who create a culture of caring and trust.

Similarly, employees are now embracing mobility as a competitive advantage in their career pursuits and more people are seeking enticing jobs all around the world.

Employers have to combat this by creating attractive and engaging reasons to encourage their employees to stay. Having a comprehensive benefits package can be an alluring reason to stay with a company. As an employer this doesn't have to be a painful process or cost you a fortune to get it right.

The value in creating a sustainable and strong employee benefit proposition will pay back dividends and generate an incredible return on investment, increasing retention of your top talent and driving strong team moral, which will elevate your employer brand.

By Danielle Warner

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