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Creating an intentional culture - A Spotlight on Google

Google's Dublin office

Google has created an environment for employees to thrive that goes beyond stocking its kitchens with free gourmet food and on-site laundry service. Its intentional corporate culture is one of the reasons it is consistently ranked a great place to work. Google values the opinions of employees and hires new associates by committee. It communicates an environment of playfulness from whimsical doodles to April Fool’s Day jokes.

What’s important though is that the company regularly measures dozens of factors to understand what makes people productive and happy. This research has shaped Google’s workplace culture in myriad ways—from the company’s open workplace design to the provision of its sleeping pods for employees.

Google's London office

Committing to an intentional culture that’s open, transparent, and enables employees to thrive is important for retaining top performers. Whether it’s participating in community events, celebrating coworkers or fostering more open communication, organizations that build a culture where employee involvement matters can nail employee engagement and create a great place to work.

Ultimately, the issues of culture and engagement are driven by leadership. Companies pushing aggressive growth plans, experiencing financial stress, or going through layoffs or mergers often see a radical shift in culture. While most leaders are measured on the basis of business results, organizations must begin holding leaders accountable for building a strong and enduring culture, listening to feedback, and engaging and retaining their teams.

We’ve all got to start somewhere, share with me how your company is working on improving culture?

Google's Amsterdam office

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