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Taking Care Of Your Employees

“Take Care Of Your Employees And They’ll Take Care Of Your Business,” Says Richard Branson, Founder Of The Virgin Group. Wise words, wouldn't you say?

Gone are the days when companies viewed employee engagement and well being programs as ‘nice to have,’ yielding ‘soft’ benefits. Today we know that companies with high engagement scores perform significantly better than their competition in key operational areas like productivity, absenteeism, attrition and turnover, safety incidents, customer satisfaction and retention, and profitability.

This principle of taking care of your people isn't new, and we know that it should be at the heart of creating a great place to work. Research on employee engagement and productivity continues to show that the basic health of employees indicates how engaged they’ll be on the job. The million dollar question is why aren't all organizations putting their people first? At Expat Insurance, we know that building a group benefits program that supports the needs of everyone in the company can be affordable and stressfree, avoiding the stress and confusion that this subject often causes.

The reality is: We work with you to create a plan that works

"Healthy, engaged employees are your top competitive advantage. No matter how good your business model is or products are, you still need an all-star team to grow, engage, innovate, sell and service your customers."

By taking care of your people first, companies create a workforce with the physical energy, mental focus, and emotional capacity necessary to power their businesses and impact those critical metrics.

At Expat Insurance, our passion isn’t insurance, it’s protecting people. Connect with us to see how we can structure or redesign your employee benefit programs to create a team that feels valued and protected!

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